A Poetry on Life – Kavya

Life is so complex and yet so simple at the same time that I am often left wondering about the true meaning of life. Throughout my life, the lessons I learned were challenged with new thoughts, bringing me back to right where I started.

Years went by and people around me changed. Perhaps, a better explanation would be, I changed. I can name a few decent souls but along the way, I found someone quite beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.

I am emotionally detached with most things in life. Yet, I came across a woman who I admire and love. After going through the different twists and turns of life, I came across someone who I am comfortable with.

Kavya Nair and Tushar Kumar
Kavya Nair and Tushar Kumar

Here is an image in which I am holding a cup of soup on a cold winter evening, which was too delicious to let go even for the photograph. Next to me is none other than Kavya Nair, the woman I love and cherish spending time with.

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