Bought my First Bonsai Tree

Being a morning person, I love when things start. The New Year’s celebration is no different. As 2019 unfolds, I expect good things to happen and have set my mind on a few things.

Few of them include, getting started with bodybuilding, entrepreneurship, and Bonsai. Yes, Bonsai. As a matter of fact, I purchased my first Bonsai tree on January 1, 2019.

Ficus Microcarpa

I have no prior experience with gardening. This is the first time I purchased an indoor Bonsai tree. My good friend, Kavya, forced me into buying this and, to my surprise, I am loving this new Bonsai tree.

It’s been a week since I brought it home from nursery and I am updating my knowledge on Bonsai art and Ficus Microcarpa. After several YouTube hours, I am confident that I can take care of this new tree.

However, I am scared of bacteria or fungi. Few leaves gave a hint of the presence of fungi and bacteria. Yesterday, on a lazy Sunday, I pruned a couple of branches and leaves to reduce the risk.

I do admire the fact that Bonsai art requires less money to maintain the tree and more time to see the results. After yesterday’s pruning, I am guessing next pruning time will be after 3 months.

To be continued.

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