Bonsai Update – 1 Month

It’s been a month since Kavya took me to a nursery and bought the Ficus Microcarpa bonsai. After a month of education and experimentation, I think it is time to review the things I have done so far.

After watching many YouTube videos, I identified a few channels which provide quality information on bonsai. Once such channel / YouTuber is Nigel Saunders.

I observed the growth of a new branch (shown in the image below). However, due to limited knowledge, I’m not sure if the round shape, just below the cut, is actually a new branch.

I also found that people tend to fuse different Ficus plants together. I think the bonsai I have is one such example (shown in the image below). This results in the bonsai tree having roots and leaves from different trees.

I am not a fan of the ginseng-shape structure and in the coming spring, I may plan to plant a couple of branches in a new pot to grow pure Ficus Microcarpa bonsai trees as they will have a more naturally occurring structure.

Motivated by a video on how to grow Acacia from seeds, a few days back, I ordered seeds (above image) of Acacia Preta from Amazon. I plan to grow them sometime during Spring season.

Well, this is all for now. 🙂

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