Bonsai Update – 3 Months

It’s almost summers and the temperature keeps increasing with each passing day. Sadly, during summers, my room receives less light due to the change in the direction of the sun. Due to less light, I observed the deteriorating health of my ficus microcarpa. To save the tree, I had to move my ficus microcarpa outside in full sunlight.

Ficus Microcarpa in Full Sunlight
Ficus Microcarpa in Full Sunlight

After carefully selecting a spot with ample indirect sunlight, I saw significant improvement in the Ficus Microcarpa. A month after purchasing the Bonsai from the nursery, I pruned the tips of branches to slow the growth. Finally, after a long time, I saw significant improvement (shown below). The reason can also be placement of the pot outside.

Ficus Microcarpa - New Growth
Ficus Microcarpa – New Growth

There are many other plants in my garden and 4 among them are Bougainvillea. Last month, while re-potting my mother’s favorite Bougainvillea plant, which has dual color flowers – pink and white, it went into shock as I was pruning the roots.

My mother is very fond of that specific plant as she grew it from seedling and was giving me a hard time about the plant not coming back to life. I kept feeding the plant with NPK solution weekly. After 3 weeks, the plant exploded with new shoots and flowers (shown below).

Bougainvillea Plant
Bougainvillea Plant

The Monkey Pod Trees are holding well (shown below). Few days ago, I checked the temperature in Chandigarh, and it was around 32 degrees centigrade. Upon research, I found that Monkey Pod Trees can withstand a temperature of up to 38 degrees centigrade. I will probably cover the top of these trees with a plastic cover for diffused sunlight to enter.

Monkey Pod Tree / Acacia Preta – 1 Month Growth from Seed
Monkey Pod Tree / Acacia Preta – 1 Month Growth from Seed

To continue my journey into the world of Bonsai, I ordered a few additional seeds. I considered benefits and then made the decision to order – Jasmine, Lemon, Amla (Indian gooseberry), and Eucalyptus.

Furthermore, I ordered a seedling tray with 20 cavities. I got a good deal on Amazon and purchased 2 seedling trays for 275 INR. I used one of them to plant Jasmine seeds, which were submerged in water for 24 hours. Upon second thought, I should have purchased seedling trays which comes with a cover for the greenhouse effect and maintain the humidity.

Ficus Microcarpa Bonsai Birthday Cake
Ficus Microcarpa Bonsai Birthday Cake

February has always been a special month for me because it is the month I was born in. This February, I received a very special birthday cake from Kavya that was in the shape of a ficus bonsai tree (shown above).

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