Weight Loss Journey – Month 1

There is a friend I follow on WordPress who recently published a blog post on food and allergies. After going through her blog post, I thought of sharing my own experiences with health and fitness.

I am not new to the world of health and fitness but a lot has happened in recent months in the lives of people around me, especially Kavya.

Recently, she has spent more than I could ever imagine on diet expert, personal training, and food supplements. However, the weight loss wasn’t significant and the number of food items she had to cook daily was harming her work-life balance and mood.

Case Study –As a child, I enjoyed eating Bananas. When I was in my mid-20s, I started feeling a burning sensation in my stomach every-time I ate a Banana. The pain was bad enough to make me stay away from Bananas. One day, upon casually browsing books on Amazon, I came across a book titled – Eat Right 4 Your Type by Dr. Peter D’Adamo and Catherine Whitney. The book is about diet based on your blood type. Under my blood type, AB+ve, I checked the food items to avoid and it was mentioned that people with AB+ve blood group should avoid Bananas and not doing so may result in stomach pain.

To help her out, I started my own research. After a few days of research, I found myself following a new diet and losing weight. 🙂 For all those who want to lose weight, the key to a good diet is just not about what food items can help you achieve the desired goal. There are a lot of things that go in planning the right diet and few such influencing factors are the area you live in, current season, blood type, exercise frequency, emotional state, office stress, and work-life balance.

Eating right for your type is basically the only way you can achieve desired results. While there is an ample number of articles and researches on health and fitness, the most recent which I came across was Health effects of dietary risks in 195 countries, 1990–2017: a systematic analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study 2017.

After going through this report, I can confidently break-down any diet into three main parts – lentils, green-leafy vegetables, and fruits. These three components of an ideal diet are essential to staying healthy both mentally and physically.

However, not eating enough lentils, green-leafy vegetables, and fruits daily may result in a bad mood and increased stress. To avoid a bad mood, it is recommended to eat a minimum of 1 cup each of cooked lentils, green-leafy vegetables, and fruits.

To include the above-mentioned components in my daily diet, I have planned 3 meals. For breakfast, I try to eat lentils with Chapatis (medium size). For lunch, I prefer cooked mix vegetables along with Chapatis (small size). Finally, for dinner, I prefer fruits.

Case Study – Yesterday, I went to a relative’s house for a dinner party. Since, I knew that my relative may offer sweet dishes, deep fried Pakoras, etc., I made a change and had fruits for my lunch. Planning ahead like this will keep you motivated.

I am following this diet from the past two weeks and have lost 5 Kilograms easily. However, now that I’m 98 Kilograms, the rate of weight loss is decreasing and I am finding it difficult to keep up the pace.

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