Bonsai Update – 4 Months

This month, I was busy for a number of reasons. Sadly, both Acacia trees couldn’t handle the heat of Indian summer. Generally, I would publish the photographs but no good will come out of seeing a couple of dead trees.

I was sad for a while but decided to move on eventually. I do have another packet of Acacia seeds which I may plant next year during spring. Alright then, time for updates on my other plants and trees that are doing well or struggling to survive.

Adenium plant - Summer Growth
Adenium plant – Summer Growth

The growth (above image) in Adenium plant came as a surprise. After giving it water soluble NPK 20 20 20 fertilizer for a couple of weeks, I observed a number of flower buds. I do fear if they can handle the Indian summer heat but time will tell.

Unknown Plant Species
Unknown Plant Species

I have no idea about the name of this plant but it has shown tremendous growth in the past month. Its branch grew out of nothing and is now more than 4 feet. Same goes for the other 2 branches. I will try to connect with a professional gardener to know the name of this plant and research more on it. At the moment, I have no idea what kind of flower will bloom.

Red Rose Stem Cutting
Red Rose Stem Cutting

Ever since I started watching YouTube to learn more on gardening, I was fixated to see the growth of a new branch after pruning the parent branch. Lately, I witnessed this phenomenon with my own eyes after pruning one of the rose plants that I have.

Rose Flower Bud in Summer
Rose Flower Bud in Summer

Eventually, I saw growth in all my rose plants. The above image shows the flower bud of a red rose. The bottom image shows yellow-orange rose flower that blossomed recently. The fragrance in a yellow-orange rose was less as compared to a red rose.

And finally, my first Bonsai tree – Ficus Microcarpa. Last month went terrible for it as I kept it indoor and the direction of the sun changed due to change of season. Placing it outside really helped and I observed healthy green foliage.

Ficus Microcarpa - April Growth
Ficus Microcarpa – April Growth

In the image, one cannot tell the difference between new and old leaves. Few leaves on left, top, and right are a lighter shade of green.

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