Change in Career

Yesterday, I was watching the interview of Amazon’s CEO, Jeff Bezos on The David Rubenstein Show. During the interview, many things were discussed. One thing that got me thinking was the regret minimization framework.

The David Rubenstein Show: Jeff Bezos

Looking back at my 29 years of life, I have mixed emotions. I’m happy that I selected my passion for writing as a profession. However, I regret not pursuing programming as it was my primary field of interest since early childhood.

A geek at heart, I enjoyed general troubleshooting on my first computer which had 4 GB HDD and 32 MB RAM. It was 1996 and my dad had purchased that desktop computer for his office work. Sometimes, I had to keep my hands off of it to be on the safe side.

Since 1996, the journey had been quite interesting and I have decided to teach myself programming and later, do something about it professionally. I understand learning something new won’t be easy as it will require me to stay disciplined.

This is where blogging comes in. Each week, I will publish a blog post with things that I have learned. So, as I learn, my website visitors can also learn programming and hopefully, we can start this journey together. 🙂

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