December 30, 2019

Yesterday I started writing the blog quite late, and my blogging routine was coming in the way of my wife’s so-called beauty sleep. There is a massive difference between life before and after marriage. Sadly, I cannot write more on this topic as my wife reads what I blog on.

I started my day by watching episodes from The Family Man starring Manoj Bajpai on Amazon Prime. Although this show may not appear to be one hundred percent true, some aspects of the story might have happened in real life.

One of the few ironies behind this show is that a secret agent can never share information about his professional life with his family as it may breach national security. I admired the acting of Manoj Bajpai and Pasha, played by Kishore Kumar from the south cinema.

Today, we celebrated the birthday of my wife’s best friend at Hyatt Regency, Chandigarh. The good thing about Hyatt Regency is that you can slip in quietly to shop at Elante mall. We skipped so much traffic by just walking for five minutes from Hyatt Regency to Elante.

I purchased a black over-coat from Monte Carlo after being pressurized by my wife. Again, I felt like Neo from the movie Matrix after wearing the over-coat. Yesterday, I also purchased a copper bottle to store water. I keep it next to my bed and drink water from it in the morning. Some say it has a couple of health benefits.

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