January 7, 2020

Leading a team is an exciting experience but not an easy job by any measure. Each person adds value in his unique way, and it is the responsibility of a manager to identify each person’s true potential. In the past, when I had less experience in team management, I made many mistakes due to which I had to let go of a few good talented people. I heard the same as a casual feedback session from upper management as well.

For managers and leaders to grow, organizational knowledge is the only weapon. The challenges I faced in my day-to-day professional life were solved after purchasing the subscription of Harvard Business Review (HBR). The wisdom of organizational management on HBR is clear, concise, and practical. I highly recommend it to everyone who wants to lead a team or a large organization.

Change is inevitable if you try to implement the acquired knowledge. One such recent change that I am trying to make is dividing my responsibilities among nextperts (mentees of an expert). Doing so has given me an ample number of opportunities and freed up my time to educate myself further and concentrate on the next new, which is of utmost importance as marketing is an evolving field of study.

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