What are the essential tools for a writer?

We live in a world where businesses are embracing digital and content writers have to leverage the same.

Now, if you conduct a 10 minutes research, you may notice the ever-expanding list of tools.

Ideally, for professional growth, I would advise that a content writer should avoid the excess use of tools.

So, which are the essential tools that a writer can use? The answer depends on the work-flow.

Many content writers work as freelance professionals or as full-time employees, there is always management of tasks involved.

Considering management and writing, the essential tools can be covered in the following two categories:

  • Management – Calendar / project management system / kanban
  • Writing – Rich-text editing software with team collaboration capability


  • Google Calendar
  • Trello
  • Asana
  • Google Sheets


  • Google Docs
  • Microsoft Word Online

Last but not the least, consider the work-flow of a freelance content writer.

A freelance content writer may need to send invoice/receipts. To do so, tools that can generate invoices are needed. Two important tools to generate invoices are QuickBooks and FreshBooks.

There are more tools available for a writer that can be added in the list. As mentioned earlier, the selection of tools depend on work-flow.

For example, if a writer is required to publish a blog, then WordPress or any content management system might be needed as well.

Suggestion – Grammarly is a feature-rich tool for writers. However, one should avoid it as a writer should have good understanding of grammar and proofreading. For people who are learning the art of content writing, don’t use Grammarly at all as it will only delay the growth.

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