Writing logically-correct sentences

Consider the following three examples:

  • The term “content writer” is fine but “web content writer” is more relevant because most content writers do write for the web.
  • “Ecommerce owners” can be replaced with “Ecommerce business owners” as “ecommerce” is defined as an activity.
  • “Being a worthy leader in the IT industry, ABC Company started its journey in 19XX.” can be replaced with “ABC Company started it’s journey in 19XX and now they are the leaders in IT industry” as the logical flow (Reason and Cause) of information was not correct.

There are many cases where logical mistakes can be made unknowingly.

Try the following steps to make your writing logically correct:

  • Read the sentences. Understand the meaning of each sentence and try to speak them in your native language, if applicable.
  • Wait for a day before proofreading. In case of urgency, ask a fellow content writer to go through the content once and share his feedback.
  • Write each sentence individually and convert them in a paragraph:
    • Sentence 1
    • Sentence 2
    • Sentence 3
    • Compile the information in paragraph form – Sentence 1. Sentence 2. Sentence 3.

Want to see a video tutorial on this? Share your opinion through comments.

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