Tushar Kumar

Content and Branding Analyst at FATbit Technologies / AblySoft Pvt. Ltd.

M: +91-9779155267 | E: tusharkumar@hotmail.com | A: Chandigarh Area, India


Industries Served – Information Technology and Electronics.

Products and Services Marketed – Ecommerce Platforms (Retail, Food, eLearning, Telehealth, and others), Web Design and Development Service, Mobile App Development Service, Digital Marketing Service, Internet of Things (Supply Chain Visibility Solutions).

Key Skills:


  • Content Strategy – Competitor analysis, brand positioning strategy, target audience analysis, KPI selection, and others.
  • Content Planning – Structural-level planning of marketing assets and identification of pain points.
  • Content Writing – Creation of marketing assets such as blog post, advertisement copy, ux writing, web-page content, SEO optimization, and more.
  • Content Editing – Review of marketing assets created by team members and give them feedback for internal training.
  • Content Marketing – Channel selection, and content distribution strategy.


  • Team – Conduct Interviews, Performance Review and Internal Training
  • Product – Pricing, Features, and Marketing
  • Business Development – Product Demo, Customer Journey Analysis, Client Handling, Email Conversation, and others

Primary Role at Current Employer:

Product Owner (Marketing) – Mobile App Development and Laravel


  • Company: FATbit Technologies / AblySoft Pvt. Ltd.
  • Designation: Content and Branding Analyst
  • Location: Mohali, India
  • Duration: July 2018 – Present

  • Company: FATbit Technologies / AblySoft Pvt. Ltd.
  • Designation: Senior Content Writer
  • Location: Mohali, India
  • Duration: Feb 2016 – Oct 2017 (1 Year 9 Months)

  • Company: SiliconIndia
  • Designation: Assistant Editor
  • Location: Bengaluru, India
  • Duration: Feb 2014 – July 2015 (1 Year 6 Months)