Writing logically-correct sentences

Consider the following three examples:

  • The term “content writer” is fine but “web content writer” is more relevant because most content writers do write for the web.
  • “Ecommerce owners” can be replaced with “Ecommerce business owners” as “ecommerce” is defined as an activity.
  • “Being a worthy leader in the IT industry, ABC Company started its journey in 19XX.” can be replaced with “ABC Company started it’s journey in 19XX and now they are the leaders in IT industry” as the logical flow (Reason and Cause) of information was not correct.

There are many cases where logical mistakes can be made unknowingly.

Try the following steps to make your writing logically correct:

  • Read the sentences. Understand the meaning of each sentence and try to speak them in your native language, if applicable.
  • Wait for a day before proofreading. In case of urgency, ask a fellow content writer to go through the content once and share his feedback.
  • Write each sentence individually and convert them in a paragraph:
    • Sentence 1
    • Sentence 2
    • Sentence 3
    • Compile the information in paragraph form – Sentence 1. Sentence 2. Sentence 3.

Want to see a video tutorial on this? Share your opinion through comments.

Overcoming writer’s block

“Sir, I’m not able to start the article”.

I’ve heard this sentence many times. My usual reply was, “You need to understand this topic. Then you’ll be able to write”.

On the Internet, one may find many articles on overcoming writer’s block.

In many articles, writer’s block is defined as a condition that a writer may face before starting an article or creation of any other marketing asset.

Well, there is only half truth in the above sentence.

Writer’s block is actually a person’s creative inability to generate more ideas.

And the same can happen at any point while writing content – starting, in between, or before concluding.

So, now the question is, how can one overcome writer’s block?

The most common tip would be just continue writing and eventually, the writer may overcome this condition.

However, doing so can be mentally tiring and may affect the mood as well as energy at workplace.

The easiest way for content writers to overcome this condition is by using Google and checking at-least 5 relevant references.

While doing so, one should create notes during the research phase.

While creating notes, a writer should consider three goals:

  • Language – different vocabulary for b2b and b2c audience
  • Ideas – Anything that can improve the readability or add quality information for the reader
  • Pain points – All about people and their problems

After spending a couple of hours in the research phase, observe the notes and ideas may start weakening the writer’s block.

Good luck.